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As we all know that Scout survey was supported in India in 1909 as a remote branch of the Scout Association and has become a member of the globe. Scout associations and branches area unit quite in 216 countries and territories. The scout survey has never stopped growing since it's supported in 1907. Nowadays, their area unit quite twenty-five million Scouts. For ninety years, over three hundred million individuals are members once the Scout survey was supported. The Youth International Scouts and Guides, (founded on twenty-fourth Nov 2017), is that one of the normal scout survey organization in India. YISG goes to supply all kinds of programs for the young Generation for their higher life. The Youth International Scouts & Guide may be one among the normal Scout Association of India. it's a Voluntary, non- political, instructional Movement for youngsters, receptive all while no distinction of origin, race, or creed, in accordance with the aim, principles, and methodology formed by the founder Lord Baden Powell in 1907. The purpose of the Movement is to contribute to the event of youngsters in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and non-secular potentials as people, as accountable voters to offer youngsters and communities a positive out of doors activity, manner opportunities and to push the principles and values of Citizenship for best Nation-building".


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We have the best team of brilliant and experienced minds from across the country. Have a look at our pillars of support–


Yogendra Kumar YogeshNational Chief Commissioner

Yogendra is a backbone of the organization and has handled all the work effectively.


Krishna KumarNational Deputy Chief Commissioner

Krishna is a sincere and hardworking employee of the organization since a long time now.


Chintu KumarState Chief Commissioner (Bihar)

Chintu is always there when you need him, he is the one of the biggest strengths of the organization.


Madhyam PaswanState Deputy Chief Commissioner(Bihar)

Madhyam is a team player, he very well knows what chords to hit to make us grow!