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The Olympiads conducted by YKP are designed to test students on various skills. The general objective of YKP is to use these Olympiads to identify and nurture future scientists, technologists and IT talent at the school level. The table below talks in detail about the objectives of YKP Olympiads.

YKP aims at developing a spirit of competitiveness among students and to prepare them to face competition beyond their school level. A detailed performance analysis report is generated for each student to enable her/him to understand strengths and areas requiring improvement. Also, each student is provided a school, city, state, and international rank, to enable the student to know her his level of preparedness and readiness to face competition.

Benefits of Olympiad include -

1.       Thinking capacity - Olympiads give a lift to understudies thinking capacities like aptitude and reasoning. It increases the brains capacity to think better and logically with greater problem solving, analytical and reasoning skills. They assist understudies with surveying their abilities and have a superior thought of their latent capacity. With this, their minds become sharp and they are able to distinguish in their life as well. A sharp mind will keep them more focused and responsible towards their work.

2.       Realization of shortcomings - They assist understudies with understanding their shortcomings which would then be able to be worked upon. After the publication of the results, students can check their wrongs and correct them. With this, they learn and understand the concepts more clearly and concisely. Students can make a note of their wrongs and work on them with the help of their seniors and teachers to not make the same mistake in future.

3.       Challenging - Olympiads challenge understudies acumen so that it advances a more profound comprehension of logical realities. There are a lot of dilemmas that may arise, it helps them to distinguish between them and give them a broader perspective to think towards the same idea in multiple ways. Competing at the public or worldwide level gives understudies an alternate degree of presentation. Also, a certificate is provided to the students that will help them in future.


It instills the quality of hardwork in students so that they work hard and improve their result by studying not only their syllabus but other general knowledge, reasoning and aptitude books for an overall growth of the brain. 

Not only theoretical knowledge is important but other aspects should also be kept in mind because a sharp mind has the capacity to think better and learn better. It will help you think clearly and concisely and will also provide you with some extra knowledge on the subject. With competition your mind will get sharper and will make you ready to take bigger competitions in future for a bright tomorrow. This programme will deal with overall mental growth of the student to take competition and to learn from it to achieve higher goals. It also brings out the areas that lack in proficiency so that a proper orientation can be given to improve those areas.