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One of the most common and untrue misconception that people have for martial arts is that they think it is only necessary for people who is looking for their career as a soldier or in army or someone who has an interest in learning self-defence. This is not true at all!

It is partially true that martial art is one of the components in the training of self-defence. With this, it does have a lot of other benefits to your mind and body!

If you want that your child has an overall growth of physical and mental discipline, martial art can be the best sport option for your child!

Martial arts help kids "transform their lives for the higher – physically, mentally and spiritually," says Grand Master Instructor Ernie Reyes, a ninth-degree black belt who opened his eponymous West Coast World Martial Arts studio in 1978 and now has schools throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Moreover, with martial art their mind sharpens and they are alert most of the time which is very good for their functioning. Also, with this training they can save their lives and the lives of people around them! It is a bonus sport that will not only benefit them but also their surrounding people!

•              Self-Defence

People signing up for martial art has one of the major reasons at their interest that is –Self Defence in the times of attack and trouble! You never know what may bestow upon you when and where, so, it becomes important to stay ready for any situation and to increase the chances of survival! This makes you save yourself and others from unwanted attack that could endanger lives!

•              Self-confidence

What do you think are the prime reasons behind low self-confidence? It is fear and lack of knowledge! With the training of martial art, students become aware of their capabilities and get a sense of pride as they know they are capable to fight their own battle! This confidence reflects in their personality making them outshine from the rest crowd!

•              Overall Health

The three major health that are required in a student for their full growth are – physical, mental and emotional! To improve these, issues, many people sign-up for the martial art training! Consistent training of martial art not only conditions the mind but also provides physical strength and stamina to fight back in the most difficult and violent situations.


This also gives rise to internal well-being like it helps the body to fight against diseases, increases flexibility and so much more! It helps in releasing the energy in a good way thus leading to stress free life. With healthy diet, martial arts training give people a well-rounded regimen that they will do anytime and anywhere. This makes them alert and they become more observant of the happenings in their surroundings!